What Is Medical Payments Coverage
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What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage is part of vehicle insurance policy. It can assist in paying your or your passengers’ medical costs when you’re injured in an auto accident, regardless of who was at fault. This coverage is optional and, in many states, unavailable.

Medical payments coverage is occasionally known as medical expense coverage, or simply “med pay.”

What Does Medical Payments Cover?

When you are injured in an auto accident, medical payments coverage can assist in helping pay for the following expenses for you and/or your passengers:

  • Surgeries, X-rays, or prostheses
  • Professional nursing service
  • Co-pays and health insurance deductibles
  • Doctor or hospital visits
  • EMT and Ambulance fees

Pip vs Med Pay

Similar to medical payments coverage, personal injury protection (PIP) assists in paying for your and/or your passengers’ medical costs following an auto accident, no matter of who was responsible for it.

Nevertheless, there are 3 primary distinction among PIP and medical payments coverage:

  1. PIP is attainable in many no fault states. Medical payment coverage is can be purchased in states that are not no fault states. (Medical payments coverage is only offered in states without PIP.)
  2. PIP assists in covering cost like lost earnings or childcare if you’re unable to perform necessary services because of injuries following an auto accident. Medical payments insurance doesn’t cover necessary services.
  3. PIP is occasionally a requirement, and often times optional, depending on state law. Medical payments insurance is continually an elective coverage.

Liability Coverage vs Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payment coverage is elective. So, when you cause an auto accident and do not have medical payments coverage, you would then have to pay out pocket for your medical bills.

When you’re responsible for an auto accident, the bodily injury liability part of your auto insurance coverage assists in paying for the other individual’s medical costs. In the same way, when another party is responsible for an auto accident that causes injuries to you, the part of their own auto liability coverage can assist in paying for your medical costs.

At the same time, auto liability coverage is a requirement by law in a lot of states. Your auto liability coverage is not going to pay for your and/or your passengers’ medical bills following an auto accident.

Med Pay Limits

Medical payment insurance has a coverage restriction, in which is the maximum amount your insurer is going to pay out for a covered loss. You can pick your limitation when you purchase coverage. Don’t forget, any medical costs that surpass your coverage limit are yours to take care of.

When you require assistance choosing a coverage restriction that fits your needs, you might want to consider the cost of short-term emergency medical costs following an auto collision.

For instance, perhaps you need to head to the emergency room with injuries following an accident. Your health insurance may make payment for part of the trip to the emergency room, but your health coverage might necessitate you to pay out a $3,000 deductible and a coinsurance payment for your emergency medical services.

Therefore, medical payments coverage on your vehicle insurance policy can assist. In the above situation, if you had chosen a coverage limit of $4,000, the medical payments insurance might assist in paying for your health insurance deductible and part of your co-pay for your trip to the emergency room.


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