What Is Covered In Golf Cart Insurance
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What Is Covered In Golf Cart Insurance?

Basic insurance when it comes to golf cart policies includes some of the following.

  • Damage of property and coverages for liabilities
  • Bodily Injuries
  • Coverages for Collisions
  • Comprehensive golf cart coverage

These policies will sometimes help pay reparations on any inflicted damages to your golf cart in specific situations. Along with this it may even help negate expenses in the case that someone or something is inflicted with damages.


Is Golf Cart Insurance Required?

It really depends on your location as only a few states are required to have golf cart insurance. In Phoenix Arizona and surrounding cities, it is required by law that all golf cart owners have some form of liability insurance if the plan is to use the vehicle around on the road. Double-check with your local state laws to evaluate if you truly need golf cart insurance or not.

In the case that it’s not legally required that you need to purchase insurance for your golf cart, it’s probably needed that you do this anyways. Golf carts are easy targets for theft or even having damages inflicted on them or having damages inflicted to the passengers aboard.


How Golf Cart Insurance Can Help You

Here is an in-depth overview of each type of golf cart insurance and how the coverages work within each policy:

Property Damage Liabilities. In cases where you are liable for an accident at hand where you have inflicted damages on another person’s personal property, examples being their car, or even home in some cases. This property policy helps you negate some of the expenses that would’ve otherwise had to have been paid for.

Bodily Injury Liabilities. Worst case scenario, that you inflict damages to another human being this policy does help cover some of the medical expenses and possible other fees associated with an accident of this nature.

Collision coverages, this kind of coverage helps you pay for any sort of reparations needed on your golf cart. It does not matter who is at fault when it comes to the collision whether you hit an item or another vehicle.

Comprehensive coverages – this is a form of overall coverage in terms that if your golf cart ends up stolen, or possible damages are inflicted on it from something else other than a collision. Examples being fire, snowstorm, hail, and other natural causes this coverage helps negate that pain.

Of course, there are a few different kinds of coverages that ensure other parts of the golf cart as well and these may need to be addons from some insurance providers to get these things covered. Examples being your stereo system or custom headlights, and things of this nature.

Other situations may require you to purchase different policies that contain separate coverage plans where you may need to purchase umbrella insurance plans.

In any sort of policies, there are all types of coverage limits that can apply. There are limits on how much your policy can cover when it comes to the claim of insurance. Along with this and any insurance, there will be deductible to cover a portion of the claim.


Basic Auto and Home Insurance Typically Does Not Cover Golf Carts

People often mistake that their current insurance policies that exist will cover their golf cart. This is almost not the case most of the time. In some cases, though there are some policies that do provide a little bit of coverage on golf carts. This typically falls under the category of home insurance. Which does tend to stop when you exit the border of your home. As mentioned previously there is not many if any at all standard car insurance policies that cover golf carts.

Depending on what kind of golf cart insurance you’re needing and what kind of insurance is available? Truly depends on where you are located and who your insurance provider is. There are additional ways to add extras to your existing policies that can help you better insure your golf cart in different degrees.

Many different circumstances require different policies to ensure your golf cart. Most insurance policies that cover vehicles of this nature are mainly considered “off-road vehicles” insurances. Other policies are designated specifically for golf carts, literally meant for you to go anywhere inside your golf cart. There are other coverages when it comes to the off-seasons when your golf cart sits inside storage. Reach out to your insurance company/agent to see what your coverage entails.


How You Can Start Saving On Golf Cart Insurance

There are a few instances where you can start saving money on your golf cart insurance only if:

  • The company you’re insured with for your home or vehicle, you can ask them to see if it’s possible to bundle or have multiple policies.
  • You own a home
  • Leverage the payment methods that they have, with some insurers you can pay a bigger amount upfront to cover you for allotted times rather than paying for the monthly payments which can cost more.

In any cases that you decide you’d like to spend a day on the golf range versus taking the vehicle out and about for a cruise. Double-check with your provider and see what you can and cannot do, as both past times should be covered in your policy. If you need help figuring out if your policy is covered and or handles this, we are more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us today for insight or a free quote today!

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