Motorcycle Insurance Vs Car Insurance
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Motorcycle Insurance Vs Car Insurance

A motorcyclist may have a higher risk of severe accidents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean motorcycle insurance will cost more than car insurance. In fact, car drivers can expect to pay more for insurance simply due to overwhelming amount of cars on the road, compared to motorcycles. There are other factors, such as vehicle mileage and customizations that must be considered, though, when choosing motorcycle or car insurance. If you are searching for “motorcycle insurance vs car insurance,” then take a look at our comparison of the two coverages below.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Motorcycle insurance in the United States in 2020 costs between $469$935, with an average cost of $702, according to Of course, many variables go into a specific insurance rate for motorcyclists. Type of insurance plan, driving record, location and age all play roles in the final cost. Most riders can lower their rates by having a good credit score, passing a motorcycle safety class and purchasing the insurance through their auto and/or home insurance provider.

Highest Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Here is a list of states with the highest motorcycle insurance rates in the country.

  • California: $1,360
  • Louisiana: $1,175
  • Michigan: $1,083
  • New York: $969
  • Arizona: $935

Lowest Motorcycle Insurance Rates

These states offer the lowest insurance rates across the U.S.

  • North Dakota: $382
  • Iowa: $414
  • Wyoming: $439
  • Nebraska: $469
  • South Dakota: $469

Motorcycle Insurance Cost Scottsdale

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

According to, the average cost of car insurance in 2020 is $2,388 per year or $199 per month. There are many factors that can inflate costs that are completely out of the driver(s) control. Some states, such as Michigan, Louisiana and Florida, have the highest car insurance rates in the U.S. due to things like high-density populations, costly lawsuits and a large number of uninsured drivers on the road. All of these factors will drive up your insurance rate. These states listed above have a huge rate compared to Maine, New Hampshire and Ohio, for example. This could be for the simple fact of a higher number of properly insured drivers found on the roads in those particular states.

Highest Car Insurance Rates

The highest car insurance rates seemingly coincide with the highest motorcycle insurance rates in the country.

  • Michigan: $2,878
  • Louisiana: $2,389
  • Florida: $2,239
  • Texas: $2,050
  • California: $1,968

Lowest Car Insurance Rates

Full average insurance rates for each state can be found at

  • Maine: $912
  • New Hampshire: $985
  • Ohio: $1,034
  • Wisconsin: $1,049
  • Idaho: $1,062

While the state you live in certainly plays a pivotal role in insurance cost, this is not the only variable out there. Level of coverage needed, age, gender, driving an credit history can all cause your rate to either increase or decrease. It’s always suggested to shop around at various insurance providers to find the best possible rate suited to your specific needs as a driver or motorcyclist. Most insurance providers can be contacted for a quick insurance quote.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

From offering liability protection to you and your family to helping you get reimbursed for personal property damage, motorcycle insurance provides many types of coverage. Learn more about Motorcycle Insurance Coverage or get a free motorcycle insurance quote from Klimes Insurance today.

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