Mistakes When Buying RV Insurance
Written by Craig B

Mistakes When Buying RV Insurance

Insurance for your RV is very important as it is a huge investment buying an RV. RV’s are big vehicles and in an accident, RV’s can cause considerable injuries and serious damage to property or other vehicles. Just like your car, RV insurance is required in every state. Read on to learn more.


Shop around different insurance companies that can tailor your coverage for what you are going to use your RV for. For example, you might be able to get a different coverage for a cross country road trip as opposed to just going camping. You need the right insurance personalized for your RV use, not the price.

Read The Policy

You need to fully read your policy before agreeing to it or even paying for it. To understand your RV insurance, you need to read the entire policy. Different insurance policies will cover different parts of your RV. You may have a policy that covers your personal belongings inside your RV, but may not cover the things that are attached to it, such as antennas, awnings, satellite dishes, etc.

Are You Fully Covered?

Reading your policy and fully understanding what is covered is crucial. You may have basic and total loss coverage, but not have road side assistance. If you are not a full time RV’er, you may not need full-timer RV insurance. If you plan on taking your RV to Mexico, you definitely need Mexico insurance for your RV. Consider adding additional policies that may go beyond what your current coverage offers, such as unexpected circumstances, like tire blowouts or windshield repair or replacement. It is also wise to get coverage for uninsured or under insured motorists. Depending on what you plan to use your RV for also determines what type of coverage you will need, a simple weekend camping trip is very different from a month long road trip.

Is Auto Insurance Enough?

Your car insurance is a lot different than getting insurance for your RV. It is not recommended to combine the two. For instance, RV insurance covers personal belongings inside your RV, car insurance does not. With your RV insurance if a total loss occurs, your RV’s purchase price is paid. That is not the case with your car insurance. If your RV is unusable while traveling, your RV insurance will cover lodging and transportation expenses, again this is not the case with your car insurance. Also, you can suspend your RV insurance when it is not in use or in storage. You would have to cancel your car insurance. It would wise to get your RV insurance through an RV insurance company not an auto insurance company.


You could also be missing out on money saving discounts by combining insurance policies, paid in full discounts, and claim free renewal discounts. Some insurance companies will even give you discounts for taking safe driving lessons and courses, being a member of an RV club or organization, new sign on bonus discounts, and military or professional discounts. Also, you could get discounts for installing safety and security tools on your RV, such as outside security cameras and alarms. You can also get discounts by bundling your boat, ATV’s, motor scooters or motorcycles. Some insurance companies will offer discounts if you bundle your condo or home.


Not keeping up with life changing events could affect your policy. Changing your address, getting married, having a new teen driver, turning a year older, all can change your RV’s insurance policy. Also keeping your policy up to date will help. It will also be affected if you change states, as some states have different coverage for you RV. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions about some of these as new rates could become possible.

RV Insurance Quotes

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