If you are searching for “pay per mile insurance” or “pay per mile car insurance” in the Scottsdale, AZ area, Klimes Insurance has you covered!

Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance is the perfect policy at the perfect time. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, many car owners are driving less and less. So, why pay regular rates for car insurance?

This coverage is designed specifically for low-mileage drivers. You simply pay a low daily rate, with an additional per-mile rate based on your safe driving. Those who are currently working from home and/or frequent public transportation patrons will love the flexibility and low costs of pay-per-mile coverage!

Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Covers

Low-Mileage Drivers


Work From Home

Stay-At-Home Parents

Workers With Short Commutes

Part-Time Workers

Pay-Per-Mile Insurance FAQs

Is Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance Worth It?

Pay-per-mile auto insurance is certainly worth the cost for those who don’t drive frequently. If you are a low-mileage driver living in an area where pay-per-mile coverage is available, this could be a great option. Shop around and compare to see just how much you’ll save with pay-per-mile coverage!

Can I Switch My Policy After Choosing Pay-Per-Mile?

Most insurance companies will allow pay-per-mile policy holders to switch at any time. Just contact us right here for more information.

How Are Miles Measured?

Typically, policy holders will be given a device that plugs into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port. This device will track your mileage. There is no Bluetooth or smartphone necessary.

What Are The Benefits Of Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance?

Anyone who doesn’t drive a lot or plan on driving a lot in the future will benefit from this coverage. So, what does “not driving a lot” mean? Well, according to the Federal Highway Administration, the average American drives just over 13,000 miles per year. Someone who drives less than that total mileage will benefit from this policy.