How Much Does ATV Insurance Cost?
Written by Craig B

How Much Does ATV Insurance Cost?

Basic ATV insurance covering only liability for property damage and bodily injury costs an average of $150 with prices ranging from $100 to $200 for the US in 2020. For greater coverage you can expect to pay an average of $900 with costs ranging from $300 to $1,500 per year. Read on to learn more.

Driving Record And Other Factors

ATV insurance costs can vary widely because of the driving record of the driver being insured. A high end, fast ATV will be costlier to insure than a lower end model. Insurance companies also consider different premiums based on the frequency the ATV is utilized. If it is used every weekend or on public roads as well as for off-roading, the cost may will alter. Additionally, there is a deductible to be met that will impact the price of your premiums.

Remember there are plenty of other additional options available so your coverage can be more comprehensive. Underinsured motorist coverage, collision coverage and medical payments coverage as well as property damage and bodily injury damage are also available should you wish to add them. Let’s look at those more closely.

Collision Coverage

When you hit an obstacle collision coverage helps to replace or repair your ATV.

Comprehensive Coverage

This will cover your ATV in non-accident scenarios. If the ATV is damaged by a force of nature or fire or theft, it should be covered.

You can purchase comprehensive and collision coverage up to the value of your ATV although limitations may apply to ATV’s made before 1981.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Medical bills and certain levels of damage when you have been struck by an underinsured or uninsured driver will be covered under the aspects of this policy.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage covers certain medical bills following an accident with your ATV. Similar in scope to health insurance coverage, it can be utilized by both the driver and other passengers inside the ATV.

Optional Equipment Coverage

If your ATV possesses additional or optional equipment, for example, high performance clothing or a loading ramp it may be covered on an optional equipment coverage on your ATV. There will be slightly higher premiums in exchange for getting to $3,000 to $5,000 of optional equipment coverage.

Transport Trailer Physical Damage Coverage

If you have a transport trailer that you utilize to carry your ATV or ATV’s in, you may want to consider transport trailer physical damage coverage. In some cases, regular automobile insurance coverage will also cover any trailers you haul, so you will want to check the terms and conditions of your existing automobile policy to make sure you have the right level of coverage. Remember there are ATV riders who attach a trailer to their ATV! In those circumstances the collision and comprehensive coverage portion of an ATV insurance policy should kick in for items that are towed behind the ATV itself.

Auto Insurance Quotes

From offering liability protection to you and your family to helping you get reimbursed for personal property damage, auto insurance provides many types of coverage. Learn more about Auto Insurance Coverage or get a free auto insurance quote from Klimes Insurance today.

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