How Does Condo Insurance Work?
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How Does Condo Insurance Work?

Your HOA policy, or condo association’s master policy, will cover damage to your condo’s grounds, building, and other external features. Your condo policy needs to cover appliances, personal possessions, and installed fixtures, and other features in the condo.

In the event of fire or burglary, also known as covered losses, you will file a insurance claim with your insurance company, and the condo association’s insurance company if needed. You will only need to file a claim with your condo insurance company if your condo was buglarized.

You will file an insurance claim with both your condo association and insurance company if the external security system experienced a failure that allowed the buglary to happen or a buglary destroyed an external doorway.

If you are not sure how your condo insurance policy works you should consult your condo insurance agent.

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