Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage?
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Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Quotes

When you purchase multiple policies from Klimes Insurance, you’ll work with a local agent who will take the time to understand your needs based on your lifestyle, location and current stage of life. In addition, you may qualify for multi-policy discounts by getting a bundled quote with Klimes Insurance. Having multiple Klimes Insurance insurance policies can help you save money and time. For example, you may save money on your premiums with our multi-policy discounts when you bundle home and auto insurance. In addition, by going through one insurance company, you’ll gain easy online access to your policies with a single log-in. A local Klimes Insurance insurance agent can help you choose the protections that fit your specific needs and let you know of any available discounts or savings when you request a multi-policy quote.

Home + Auto + Life

Save the most when you purchase home, car and life insurance policies from Klimes Insurance. A local agent can explain what additional discounts are available when you bundle these three policies.

Home + Auto

Save up to 25%* when you bundle Klimes Insurance home and auto insurance policies. You can also save if you bundle your car insurance policy with condo or renters insurance. Contact an Klimes Insurance agent to learn more about bundling your car and home policies.

Home + Life

Gain peace of mind when you have Klimes Insurance protection for your home and life. A local agent can help you review your coverage options and get you a home and life insurance quote.

Auto + Life

You can save on premiums when you purchase both car and life insurance policies. Contact a local agent to learn about potential discounts when you buy life insurance and auto insurance together.

Renters + Auto

Qualify for savings when you carry both renters insurance and car insurance from Klimes Insurance. Talk to a local agent to learn about auto and renters insurance bundle discounts when you purchase coverage for your vehicle and your rented home.

Renters + Motorcycle

Bundle renters insurance with protection for your motorcycle to help reduce your coverage costs. A local agent can help you customize your policies to fit your needs. You may benefit from bundled insurance policies if you need multiple types of protection — for instance, bundling your auto and homeowners insurance. When you purchase multiple Klimes Insurance insurance policies, you can quickly access them with a single sign-in, where you can review your coverages and make payments. And, when you have questions or need to adjust your coverage, you’ll work with a dedicated Klimes Insurance agent who is familiar with you and your insurance needs. Multi-policy discounts are just one of the ways Klimes Insurance helps you save on insurance. Learn about other possible savings you may qualify for when get a quote for home, car or renters insurance from Klimes Insurance.

A local Klimes Insurance agent can help you find all available insurance discounts. If you want to bundle multiple insurance policies or need to add a new type of protection to an existing policy, a nearby agent can provide support, answer questions and identify ways to help you save. Call us at  (480) 596-9456 for more information.

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